An image of a man stretching before a run

Best Exercises for Sex: 7 Exercises That Can Improve Your Sex Life

Most athletes train for marathons, cycling or other high-level sports, but have you ever thought about a training routine to get you ready for the bedroom?

guy eating alone at a table

How Not Exercising Affects Your Sex Drive

Many already know the benefits of exercise on human health, but few understand the devastating impact inactivity has on our sexuality.

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Sex or Cardio: Which Burns More Calories?

We reveal which sex positions blast the most fat; how many calories kissing burns; and who gets a better workout on top — men or women?

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Here’s What Intermittent Fasting Is Doing to Your Sex Drive

Anecdotal evidence and new research collide over the long-term impact fasting has on our sexual desire.

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This 7-Day Walking Routine Will Have You Burning Fat Like a Maniac

The surprising secret to weight loss, vitality and increased wellbeing is only a few steps away.

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How to Start Intermittent Fasting

If you’re thinking about starting an intermittent fasting program, our A-Z guide will get you started and ready for success.

An image of Thermo Diet Thai macadamia mahi

Thermo-Friendly Thai Macadamia Mahi-Mahi

Mahi mahi fillet smeared with a delectable Thai sauce and macadamia nuts is a protein-packed meal fit for a king and perfect for a post-workout meal!

An image of Thermo Diet-friendly chili tequila glazed shrimp

Thermo-Friendly Chili Tequila Glazed Shrimp

Shrimp aren’t just for cocktails! They can be the hub of a nutritious meal too! Enjoy this shrimp-based, protein packed recipe today!

An image of hoisin short ribs.

Hoisin Short Ribs With Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

On the hunt for a mouth-watering meal that still packs a big protein punch? Then you’ve found it with these short ribs, which come loaded with 22g of protein per 100g serving to replenish your muscles after a particularly vigorous workout. There’s also plenty of health fats to help with recovery. And of course, it …

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Fried Plantains

Plantains lightly fried in coconut oil make the perfect post-workout meal!

An image of a Thermo turkey chimichanga

Baked Thermo Turkey Chimichangas

A modern twist on a classic Mexican dish – Thermo Diet Style!

An image of Chili Rubbed Salmon with Sweet Potato Succotash.

Chili-Rubbed Salmon With Sweet Potato Succotash

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Meet your new favorite after workout dish — chili rubbed salmon with sweet potato succotash.

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The Best 15 Supplements to Reduce Stress

Find out how millions of Americans are balancing the micronutrients in their diets to ward off anxiety, moodiness, depression and stress.

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The Top 20 Supplements for Men Over the Age of 40

Uncover the nutrients that the Western diet is not providing maturing men to continue with the health and vigor they’ve grown accustom to.

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25 of the Most Popular Supplements to Take While Intermittent Fasting

Whether you’re training in a fasted state or intermittent fasting to lose weight, here’s how to supplement your diet for success.


Collagen Protein: A Good Alternative To Whey Protein

Thousands of Americans are using all-natural collagen powder for thicker hair, beautiful, clear skin and a radiant complexion.

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12 Supplements All Women Should Take

Research reveals that the U.S. diet does not provide all of the nutrients women need. These 12 supplements will help you reclaim both your mental, physical and even spiritual health.

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20 Supplements to Keep You Healthy and Happy Through the Winter

From ashwagandha to turmeric and biotin to zinc, we show you the best herbs and natural supplements to stay healthy during the winter.