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Over 50,000 cells in your body will die and be replaced in the time it takes to read this sentence. And an hour from now, your body will have produced enough energy to raise a ton of steel 3 feet off the ground. Your body is absolutely amazing.

Another incredible ability of your body is its capacity to heal itself. Much like the cells that reproduce every microsecond, your body is designed to restore itself to a state of optimal health that we call Thermo. Every day, your body is naturally detoxifying contaminants from your food, pollution from the air, and the environmental toxins found around every corner.

While your body is a hero, it can’t fend off the endless hordes of villains forever. After a lifetime of being exposed to noxious chemicals, poor nutrition and stressors that damage and overload your body’s self-cleansing systems, your body’s amazing capacity to heal itself is greatly diminished. This can lead to disease, weight gain, poor sleep, infertility, sexual dysfunction, anxiety and depression.

But there’s hope! The Thermo Diet is the sidekick your heroic body needs. It’s the cavalry that arrives at just the right moment to save the day. By nurturing your body with Thermo’s nutritional and lifestyle philosophy, your metabolism will be invigorated, cortisol levels will reset, inflammation will disappear and you’ll be free from the ailments that prevent you from being your best self.

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— Christopher Walker, Neuroscientist and founder of Thermo Diet

The Western Lifestyle Is Slowly Stealing Our Health

Obesity rates in the U.S. continue to climb to epic heights. Recent data from federal officials reveal 40 percent of American were obese in 2015 and 2016, which is a sharp spike from the previous decade. The CDC puts this figure slightly higher, claiming some 93.3 million Americans suffer from obesity. To put this in perspective, that figure is greater than the population of all of Germany.

The prevalence of severe obesity in American adults also rose to nearly 8 percent, intensifying their risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer, according to the latest research published by the Journal of American Medical Association.

The reasons for obesity are seemingly everywhere. Westerners are bombarded with advertisements for fast food and snacks; many of our meals resemble desserts; we guzzle down sugary drinks at an unprecedented rate; and our portion sizes are unrivaled.

Obesity in the US infographic

Because most of these foods that we are eating are highly processed and are made from unnatural methods, they are relatively void of the crucial micronutrients that are needed to achieve an optimal hormonal balance and metabolic functioning.

Our solutions to this mounting epidemic are hardly adequate either. Rather than addressing the underlying metabolic imbalances that underlie obesity, Westerners are fed a steady diet of health foods that are merely cleverly disguised hazards. And we are tortured with fad diets and ineffective exercise programs that produce added stress to our bodies.

Obesity in the Western world is still seen as a moral issue that only plagues people who “lack discipline” or who are “lazy.” This misconception betrays the truth about this escalating health crisis: Obesity is a hormonal issue caused by a metabolic imbalance.

You would no sooner tell a diabetic to just stop being a diabetic. Yet, this is the so-called health advice Western experts and social-media influencers give on a regular basis. Diabetics don’t need lectures; they merely need insulin. Give them that, and they get better.

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We are drowning in our own fat without a life jacket, and the only hope on the horizon are stress-inducing endurance-based exercise routines and fad diets that create dangerous micronutrient deficiencies and excessively elevated stress hormones.

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— Christopher Walker, neuroscientist and founder of the Thermo Diet

In the following sections of this guide, we’ll show you the science behind Walker’s dietary and lifestyle philosophy and the simple steps you can take to:

  • Balance your thyroid and metabolism
  • Naturally reclaim your health
  • Empower yourself to become the happy person you deserve to be

The Basics

Before we cover the science behind the Thermo Diet, it’s helpful to have an overview of the nuts and bolts of how your metabolism works.

How Food Becomes Energy

To really understand how to lose weight and burn fat, it’s important to understand how food becomes energy. Food is converted into energy through two processes: digestion and metabolism.

When you eat a Denver omelette, your body doesn’t see eggs, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and ham. Instead, your body sees protein (eggs and ham), carbohydrates (bell peppers, onions and mushrooms) and fat (oil from the frying process). Each of these macronutrients is digested and metabolized to produce energy to fuel your body.

Digestion begins in your mouth. As you eat a Denver omelette, the enzymes in your saliva break down the egg and ham as your teeth chew through it. Your omelette is further digested when it reaches the enzymes and acids in your stomach.

  • Proteins such as ham and eggs become amino acids.
  • Carbohydrates such as onions and bell peppers become glucose to fuel your body’s cells.
  • Fats like those in oils become triglycerides and fatty acids.

Different foods take different amounts of time to digest. Carbohydrates are typically digested faster than proteins and fats, which is why meat often makes people feel more full than apples.

After your Denver omelette is broken down by your stomach’s acids and enzymes, it heads to your small intestines where your body absorbs all of the omelette’s nutrients. The protein, carbohydrates and fat that were once on your plate in omelette form, have now been converted into amino acids, glucose and triglycerides. Together, they surge through your bloodstream to be used as energy, to repair cells or to be stored as fat for later use.


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— Christopher Walker, neuroscientist and founder of the Thermo Diet

Healthy Metabolism

The healthy metabolism is also known as the glucose metabolism. It’s the efficient energy-production process that we noted in the preceding paragraphs where the bell peppers and onions in your Denver omelette are converted to carbohydrates and then into glucose that your body uses as fuel.

Stress Metabolism

The stress metabolism is a survival mechanism that keeps the organism alive long enough for it to find additional fuel sources to kickstart the healthy metabolism again. Basically, it’s the process where your body breaks down the oils in your Denver omelette and converts them into triglycerides that are stored as fat in your cells.

Your body only uses this stored energy as a last resort for the body when energy needs aren’t otherwise met. This is also known as the fatty acid metabolism.

Don’t Forget the Thyroid

Your thyroid produces hormones that allow different parts of the body to communicate and regulate growth, metabolism and mood. The hormones produced by the thyroid also affect body temperature, weight and muscle strength.

How Your Metabolism Works

Now that you understand how Denver omelettes become energy, it’s time to examine the elements that influence the efficiency of this energy-conversion process. These elements are commonly known as your metabolism. While digestion is the machinery that breaks down food, metabolism is how your body turns food into energy. The idea of a fast or slow metabolism isn’t as accurate as the concept of an efficient or imbalanced metabolism.

Your metabolism consists of two main parts that are regulated by the body to ensure they remain balanced.

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Like catabolism (energy), anabolism (recovery) also uses the energy that comes from Denver omelettes. When we eat more calories than we need for anabolism, the excess nutrients are typically stored in our body as fat.

Metabolic Rate

It’s a basic law of physics that energy transfers — like turning Denver omelettes into fuel for your body — cannot be perfect. The law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. In other words, your body creates heat as a byproduct of metabolizing your Denver omelette into energy.

The amount of energy we use throughout the day is commonly referred to as our metabolic rate, and it has several components:



What Is the Thermo Diet?

By increasing the amount of calories your metabolism burns during thermogenesis, the Thermo Diet triggers your body’s natural metabolic processes to burn more fat. By eating the right carbs, the right fats and the right proteins, you can restore hormonal balance to your metabolism. To put it simply: Burn fat by eating food that takes longer to convert into energy.

Thermo Diet 101

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon working on a computer, then you’ve most likely experienced the unpleasant moment when your PC or Mac froze and maybe even crashed.

People can experience something similar when we become overloaded with signals that come at us from every direction. These signals come to us from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis. Some of these signals are healthy, but others — often, too many others — are damaging.

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— Christopher Walker, neuroscientist and founder of the Thermo Diet

Instead of crashing or freezing when we’re overloaded with signals, we experience weight gain, poor sleep, anxiety and even depression. So, what’s the cure? While everyone has a unique body chemistry, the best place to start is by eliminating obstacles to health and then replacing them with nutrients your body needs to repair itself.

The Thermo Diet is a nutritional and wellness philosophy that works with a system of activators, blockers and balancers that will restore your body to a state of optimal health that we call Thermo.


Activators are the good guys. They are the heroes in the film who slay the dragon, solve the crime and save the day. Your body uses activators to heal itself, so that you look younger and feel more energized.

The Thermo Diet will show you how to not only nourish you body, but your soul too. Activators help your body battle against damage and stress caused by free radicals in your body. By decreasing blockers and increasing activators, you’re body will:

  • Burn fat and look younger
  • Naturally balance your hormones
  • Think clearly
  • Sleep deeply
  • Heal your thyroid and metabolism
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Feel more energetic


Blockers are basically the opposite of activators. They’re the bad guys in the movie who kidnap the prince and cast a curse on the castle. Blockers are the bad foods, drugs and environmental toxins that cause oxidative stress, inflammation and free radical damage to your body.

After a lifetime of inviting blockers into your life, you become further and further from your optimal state of health. Blockers attack your immune and endocrine systems and cause disease.


Balancers are somewhere in the middle. In a movie, they’re neither the hero or the villain; they’re more like side characters. You need a bit more information to understand what motivates a balancer. For example: Proteins like meat are balancers. You can eat too much protein, and then it becomes a blocker. You can also eat organic, grass-fed cattle; in which case, it becomes an activator.

The source of your food really does matter. An apple can be a healthy activator that supplies your body with the glucose it needs to run a marathon or sing an opera. But if that same apple is drenched in pesticides, fertilizers and other toxins, it is a poisonous blocker that will steal your health.

Getting Started With the Thermo Diet

Are you ready to begin balancing your metabolism and restoring your body’s self-healing ability? Great! The Thermo Diet basically has one guideline: It encourages practitioners to invite activators into their lives and to avoid blockers at all costs. While there are many lifestyle changes like exercise, yoga and meditation — the most direct path to Thermo is dietary.

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The basic premise of the Thermo Diet is to increase the amount of calories your metabolism burns during thermogenesis. The Thermo-approved foods will trigger your body’s natural metabolic processes to burn more fat.

By eating the right carbs, the right fats and the right proteins, you can restore hormonal balance to your metabolism. To put it simply: Burn fat by eating food that takes longer to convert into energy.

Having tempting, unhealthy foods around the house is one of the fastest ways to fail with a new diet. We recommend purging your spaces of blockers and replacing them with activators.

Out With the Old

The Thermo Diet is all about bringing activators into our diets, while saying goodbye to the blockers. While carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the foundation of healthy eating, remember that your food’s source matters.

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Also, Thermo Diet is all about eating whole foods, rather than food products. With this guideline in mind, avoid processed food products with sweeteners, artificial flavoring, food additives, and food coloring and dyes.

In With the New

What’s left to eat? Plenty. Stack your plate high with the following foods to help your restore balance to your metabolism and hormones.

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How to Measure Success With the Thermo Diet

The best part of any nutrition plan or exercise routine is the results. When beginning a new program, seeing positive outcomes helps to keep you focused on your health and motivated to continue. While the end goal of the Thermo Diet is weight loss and reinvigorating your body’s self-healing capacity, it’s important to manage expectations. Thermo isn’t a get-thin-quick diet. Thermo is a dietary philosophy that needs to be embraced as a lifestyle change. However, after adopting the Thermo Diet, your body will go through some amazing transformations that you can look forward to witnessing first hand.

It’s important to take baseline body measurements before beginning your exciting journey to a healthier, happier life. We recommend keeping a journal to track your progress. Below are some of physical phenomenon that are indicators of a successful metabolic transformation.


Your core body temperature is the most accurate way to measure the health of your metabolism. The ideal temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius.

Check your body temperature in the morning by placing a thermometer under your armpit. Variance in the temperature readings is normal. We recommend taking the temperature of each armpit twice and then recording the highest number.

Resting Heart Rate

Your heart rate is another reliable measurement that you can use to understand the health of your metabolism. The ideal resting heart rate for Thermo practitioners is around 80-85 BPM. We recommend measuring your heart rate in the morning after you’ve taken your body temperature.


Be sure to document the times you fall asleep and the times when you wake. You’ll also want to measure the amount of sleep each night and look for sleeping trends. Generally speaking, as your metabolism heals and your hormones begin to balance, you should see a corresponding increase in the quality and ease of sleep.

Hair and Nail Growth

Most people never think about the significance of this, but there is a direct corollary between your metabolic health and the time it takes hair and nails to grow. As your body returns to a state of Thermo, you should notice having to clip your nails and trim your hair more frequently.


Creaking, aching joints or arthritis is often an indicator that your metabolic health is compromised. As you begin to move to rebalance your body’s ability to heal itself, your joints will be less stiff, and you will experience less pain.


While many internal and external factors affect our moods, if you find yourself being depressed or irritated easily, then you are most likely suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Pay attention to your moods as you progress with your Thermo practice and look for an improved outlook on life. Many Thermo Diet practitioners report feeling more social and an increased sense of wellbeing.


The prominent challenge for many in a metabolic imbalance is the brain-fog that comes with the poor health. Memory — both short and long-term — becomes less expansive; we forget details; and many find focusing on a single task often seems impossible.

As you begin to repair the damage blockers have wrought on your cognitive abilities, you should notice increased mental awareness and a capacity to pay attention for longer periods of time. Many Thermo Diet practitioners also report improvements to their memory.

Weight and Fat Loss

Among the many reasons people are interested in the Thermo Diet is its amazing ability to help people lose weight and burn stubborn body fat. By addressing the hormonal imbalance in their bodies, many practitioners transform their bodies. Tracking your body measurements and weight will help you identify progression in the program, as well as the status of your metabolic health.

Are You Ready to Be the Happiest You’ve Ever Been?

Now that you’re armed with an understanding of how the body’s metabolic processes work, the science behind the metabolism, and a Thermo Diet grocery list — you’re ready to begin restoring balance to your body and reclaiming your health.

After reading the Beginners Guide to the Thermo Diet, you’ve learned:

  • How food is converted into energy
  • How your body absorbs and uses macronutrients
  • How your metabolism drives your health
  • The science behind the Thermo Diet
  • Why the Thermo Diet works
  • How to measure the success of the Thermo Diet

You are all set.

However …

Reinvigorating your health with the Thermo Diet is simple, but it’s not easy. It takes discipline, long-term commitment and on-going support from a community of like-minded people for many practitioners to achieve the transformations they need.

If you’re serious about repairing your metabolic health and restoring your body to a state of Thermo, there is so much more to learn. Consider becoming a member of our Thermo Diet community. You’ll have access to:

  • Instructional videos from our founder, Christopher Walker
  • A customized Thermo program that is tailored to your needs
  • Access to a community of Thermo Diet practitioners through our private Facebook group and newsletter
  • Online resources including extensive research into the Thermo Diet
  • Guides about implementing fundamental lifestyle changes through our Thermo Mindset program.
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