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Take ACV + Prebiotics To Promote Great Digestion & Immune Function

ACV + Prebiotics provides all the right prebiotic fibers to support healthy bacteria regulation and weight loss.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Science: Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression, Digestive Support

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Many health enthusiasts make apple cider vinegar a main staple in their diet and for good reason.

However, if you’ve ever consumed ACV, you cannot deny that you’re not exactly drinking cherry cola. This is where the benefits of apple cider vinegar pills enter the equation. Is ACV in tablet form, though, just as potent?

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Good

Much of the benefits come from the acetic acid and the mother. The latter refers to the microflora, which is loaded with beneficial probiotics. ACV does wonders for your body, especially if you have digestive issues. We recommend visiting our post on apple cider vinegar for stomach relief. We go into detail how ACV alleviates common gut-related issues and show the studies that back it up.

Aside from gut health, ACV has been proven to be effective from helping our bodies in a number of ways. Studies1show that the acetic acid helps keep blood sugar levels low after consuming a high-carb meal. Furthermore, a Japanese study2 published that ACV may also be effective as a weight loss aid. Finally, researchers3 showed that the acetic acid may be useful in preventing LDL cholesterol levels from surging.

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The Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Benefits

Does your body benefit the same way if you take ACV as a pill or capsule? First of all, you may not get all the aforementioned health benefits even if you consume ACV in its traditional liquid form. It all depends on how the product is processed. Is it organic? Does it contain the mother? Is it pasteurized and filtered? A high-quality ACV should be organic with non-GMO ingredients. It should also be unpasteurized, unfiltered, unrefined and have the mother. Finally, there shouldn’t be any additional additives or preservatives.

The best apple cider vinegar pills should be derived from liquid ACV that meets the above criteria. To get the full benefits of ACV pills, you should carefully read the label to determine exactly what you’re getting with each serving. Too many filler ingredients can dilute the potency and/or include unwanted side effects.

Health perks aside, ACV pills benefits also include several advantages you can’t get from the liquid substance. For one, taking anything in pill form is so darn convenient. It takes mere seconds to pop one or two apple cider vinegar tablets in your mouth and go on with your day. The other perk is not having to put up with the sour texture. While some people find ACV delicious when used as a dressing, others find it just borderline tolerable. Others feel the liquid is just too acidic and leaves a burning aftertaste. Some people expressed fears about the acid causing harm to their teeth enamel. Pills completely eliminate any issues related to taste and acidity.

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ACV Pills Are Just as Effective as the Liquid, but Don’t Taste as Bad

The benefits of ACV pills are the same and just as bioavailable if not more so. However, the potency relies heavily on the original source, which is why we can’t over stress the importance of using a high-quality supplement. We strongly believe ACV + Prebiotics is one of the best apple cider vinegar pills out there. The ACV is from an organic source. Plus, the addition of prebiotics helps support the microflora contained within the mother.

If there is ever a youth elixir, apple cider vinegar (ACV) would be it. The drink has been around even before the earliest written records of human history. Even with its benefits, we realize not everyone will find a vinegar-based beverage agreeable. This is where apple cider vinegar pills come in as a viable alternative solution. If you prefer convenience, speediness and portability, then ACV pills are the way to go.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

People have mixed feelings about apple cider vinegar as a drink. Some people actually enjoy it. Others liken it to drinking pure acid. Most users, though, fall somewhere in between, finding it to be quite sour but tolerable enough to ingest and keep it down. Instead of drinking it outright, others dilute the high acidity by putting ACV in their tea or smoothies. Some users treat it like a vinaigrette and use it as a salad dressing.

There are those who want to try the tonic after hearing about all the wonderful ACV benefits. However, they have heard horror stories about users suffering burns to their throats or esophagus. Dentists have also warned that the high acidity can erode teeth enamel.

We totally get these concerns, and they certainly hold merit. This is why one of our latest products includes apple cider vinegar tablets. With ACV pills, you reap all the digestive and health perks minus the sour taste or burns.

Apple cider vinegar pills have also become a fad in the wellness community. Women, in particular, are taking it as part of a weight loss plan. Studies4 on mice show that ACV may offset weight gain in a high-fat diet. Other studies5 show ACV has antimicrobial properties and may also suppress cytokine protein regulation. Cytokines, as you may or may not know, are largely correlated with inflammation.

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What’s Inside an Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement?

We always recommend users to exercise caution when using any product in pill or tablet form. What’s inside the capsule may not necessarily be the main active ingredient. So many supplements are loaded with fillers. When you account for all the excipients, you’ll be surprised to find that pills often contain very little of the compound advertised on the bottle.

As a general rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients on the list the better. Apple cider vinegar capsules should only contain ACV and a few other active compounds. If the label contains a laundry list of substances with complex scientific names, then we suggest you steer clear.

Stick to High-Quality Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

What exactly constitutes high quality? As mentioned, it should have minimal fillers. The ACV itself should also be of the highest quality and in a bioavailable form. We recommend an organic form of ACV to ensure minimal traces of pesticides and other harmful solvents.

More importantly, apple cider vinegar capsules should contain the mother. The “mother” refers to the colony of beneficial microflora that is created during the fermentation process. This is what gives ACV in liquid form its murky appearance and is also where the bulk of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are derived from. The mother is also what distinguishes ACV from regular apple cider. While the latter may be tastier, it lacks the probiotics. We really need to emphasize this as some people have gravitated towards regular apple cider, believing they’ll get the same good stuff as ACV. Typical apple cider is no more beneficial than apple juice.

Even some refined ACV products may lack the mother due to much of the good bacteria being destroyed during pasteurization. Be sure to go for unrefined and unfiltered rather than pasteurized and refined.

An image of UMZU's ACV+Prebiotics supplement.

UMZU’s ACV+Prebiotic supplement contains clinically-proven dosages of apple cider vinegar.

We Carry the Highest Quality Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement

Not all ACV pills are created equal. We stand behind ACV + Prebiotics as one of the higher end products out there. This apple cider vinegar supplement contains ACV powder from an organic source. This means zero GMOs, pesticides or herbicides. As for the mother, you can bet that it’s intact.

As you can infer from the name, the product also contains prebiotics sourced from organic inulin. Essentially, with each dose you get a powerful strain of probiotics and an equally potent form of prebiotics. The latter acts as a fuel source to keep the microflora operating on all cylinders.

If you prefer not to drink ACV, you can always reap the same benefits via apple cider vinegar tablets. Give ACV + Prebiotics a try today. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed!

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Massively Help Improve Your Digestion

What do you do when you’re feeling bloated or experiencing rough stools? Do you pop a Tums tablet in your mouth? Do you opt for a name-brand laxative? The key to better digestive support doesn’t require any synthetic formulas. Most foods in their pure unadulterated form provide near-instant relief. One such food, or drink rather, is apple cider vinegar (ACV). Apple cider vinegar for stomach relief is actually an old folk remedy. Modern science, though, supports use of this old-time beverage for its medicinal qualities.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

People have been taking apple cider vinegar for bloating for thousands of years. Its use predates written history. An ancient jar used for storing vinegar was found in Egypt and dates to around 8,000 B.C. Other evidence suggests the Babylonians were mass-producing fruit cider vinegar as early as 5,000 B.C. Records hint at the Egyptians using the vinegar as an antiseptic.

The tonic is made from aged crushed apples that undergo an extensive fermentation process. The finished product is vinegar with a yellowish and murky appearance. This differs significantly from conventional clear vinegar. The former is rich in a sleuth of beneficial enzymes, prebiotics and friendly microflora.

The concoction is known for alleviating a number of ailments, ranging from hypertension reduction to acne removal. To learn more about all the scientifically-proven medicinal properties, see our past post on apple cider vinegar benefits.

Apple cider vinegar for digestion, though, is one of the better-known uses.

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The Inner Workings of the Stomach

Low stomach acid is the root cause of indigestion. Without ample acid production, food fails to completely break down into usable micro and macronutrients. As a result, partially digested food sits in your stomach for prolonged periods, leading to the usual symptoms of gas, bloating and rough bowel movements.

The body may experience one of two issues with stomach acid (also known as hydrochloric acid, or HCI). It either does not produce enough, or the acidity level isn’t high enough. In other words, the pH levels may be off.

HCI also helps break down protein into amino acids by converting the proenzyme pepsinogen into the enzyme pepsin. HCI is also crucial in aiding the liver in its production of bile, which in turn helps the body absorb carbs, fat, and vitamins.

Multiple factors, such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, stress and alcohol consumption can inhibit HCI production. If you tend to wolf down your meals without doing a whole lot of chewing, then you also make it difficult for your stomach to do its job.

If you regularly experience acid reflux, then you likely have issues with stomach acid production. This is where taking apple cider vinegar for bloating enters the picture.

The Role of Apple Cider Vinegar

So how does apple cider vinegar factor into all of this? Why have people for generations been taking apple cider vinegar for digestive issues? Simply put, the tonic helps restore the pH level in your stomach.

In addition, ACV may help via process known as gastric emptying. For optimal digestion, food must remain in the stomach long enough for breakdown to occur before the contents can move into the small intestines. Indigestion occurs when food moves into the small intestine too quickly and before the stomach has had ample time to do its work.

Apple cider vinegar for digestion works because the enzymes in the drink delay gastric emptying. This keeps the food in the stomach longer, giving it more time to break down the macronutrients.

That’s not all; ACV may also prevent the onset of ulcerative colitis, or the inflammation of the large intestinal lining. One study showed that vinegar and acetic acid were effective in reducing the proteins that induce inflammation. ACV is very high in acetic acid.

People are also known for taking apple cider vinegar for gas. Having gas is usually accompanied by bloating and diarrhea. The acetic acid in ACV has powerful antimicrobial effects and may kill food-borne pathogens responsible for diarrhea. Research6 also shows acetic acid may be effective in preventing bacterial food poisoning.

Finally, ACV is made from whole apples, including the fruit’s skin. The skin is rich in the fiber pectin. Studies7 show pectin is effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome.

An image of UMZU's ACV+Prebiotics supplement.

ACV+Prebiotics contains clinically-proven dosages of apple cider vinegar, chicory root and chromium.

Harness the Power of Apple Cider Vinegar to Nourish Your Healthy Gut Bacteria With ACV+Prebiotics to Promote Incredible Digestion and Immune Function

We’ve developed a special formula of prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar that is easy to consume. ACV + Prebiotics feeds your healthy bacteria with essential prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar to help your “good bacteria” thrive in your gut while getting rid of “bad bacteria” safely and naturally.

By taking ACV + Prebiotics daily, you begin to support:

  • Healthy Bacteria Regulation
  • Cut Down On Bloating
  • Clean Your Gut
  • Hunger regulation
  • Improve Gut Wall Permeability
  • Boost Your Immune System

The best part about ACV + Prebiotics is that it’s 100 percent natural, and we’ve used the most pure form of apple cider vinegar powder available in the U.S.

There are no negative side effects, no smells and no bad taste. You get all of the amazing health-promoting benefits of the prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar in one convenient and affordable solution.

Click Here To Learn More About ACV + Prebiotics

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ACV - Triple

Take ACV + Prebiotics To Promote Great Digestion & Immune Function

ACV + Prebiotics provides all the right prebiotic fibers to support healthy bacteria regulation and weight loss.

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