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Natural Colon Cleanse: Why Is Cleansing Necessary?

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Detox diets are the rage these days in health circles. What exactly does it mean to cleanse your body? Is it just some fad or a gimmick for supplement makers to release more products? Perhaps you tried a natural colon cleanse in the past, but didn’t really feel a difference.

We totally get that there are boatloads of detox products on the market. While some — in fact many — are indeed gimmicks, don’t blow off the idea of body detoxification just yet.

How Your Body Becomes Toxified

Cleansing refers to the process of flushing accumulated toxins out of your body.

Over the years, your body accrues all sorts of impurities. Yes, a poor diet is a large part of it, but other factors are also at play. Other ways your body accumulates toxins include:

  • Alcohol intake
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Breathing in poor air
  • Exposure through skin, such as swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool

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How Your Body Handles Toxins

A stomach cleanse occurs naturally in the body. Your gut is resilient and has the self-sustaining ability to produce enzymes that break down the toxins. Much of that bad stuff is then shuttled to the kidney, liver or colon, where the organ then handles the elimination process.

  • Liver: Allows the entry of nutrients while blocking toxins. The toxins are transferred into the stomach bile, where they’re eliminated through the intestines.
  • Kidneys: Filters toxins from the bloodstream and eliminates them through urine.
  • Colon: Eliminates toxins through bowel movements.
  • Lungs: This is the body’s air purifier and filters out harmful air particulates and vapors. Your lungs have hair-like filaments called cilia that catches pollutants (much like the hair in your nostrils).

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Why You Need a Stomach Cleanse

You may wonder, then, why a gut cleanse is necessary at all when our internal system is already adept at handling this task.

Here’s the thing: Your stomach starts off like a well-maintained car. Everything initially operates in smooth order. However, as the you rack up the miles, the oil begins to dirty and slowly becomes sludge. The filter also begins clogging up.

The end results? Poorer mileage and increased emissions.

A similar analogy can be made of your gut and digestive tract. By eating nutrient-dense foods and following a natural colon cleanse protocol, you are essentially changing your body’s oil and filter.

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What’s in Your Stomach?

This isn’t meant as a scare tactic, but your body is teeming with impurities that really shouldn’t be in there. We have already mentioned the word “toxins” several times. It’s somewhat of a catch-all word to refer to any and all impurities. What exactly do these toxins consist of?

  • Undigested food residue: Poor digestion results in partially digested food. Some of it remains in your body where it creates blockages and impairs circulation. Undigested food can also ferment and become acidic, creating an environment for bad bacteria to thrive.
  • Environmental pollutants: Includes pollution from car emissions and factories, second-hand smoke, bleach and ammonia from household cleaners, etc.
  • Water: The water we consume has pollutants, even if the H2O is from a bottled source. This includes fluoride and scores of mineral deposits. One study even found traces of pharmaceutical drugs, like the antianxiety medication meprobamate and the anticonvulsant drug carbamazepine.
  • Hygiene products: The skin is porous and absorbs anything applied topically. Hygiene items like lotions and skin creams contain all sorts of synthetics. Even shampoo contains unnatural chemicals like parabens, triclosan and formaldehyde.

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Undergoing a Natural Colon Cleanse

There is a lot of junk and crap in your body. Even if you’re a major health buff who only shops at Trader Joe’s, there’s simply no way for you to 100 percent avoid external pollutants.

This is why it’s a major health benefit to periodically perform a gut cleanse. How do you go about this? We’ll go more into detail in other posts where we list the best types of foods, teas, and herbal supplements. We’ll also discuss other factors like cycle duration and frequency.

For now, just know that it doesn’t require any drastic lifestyle overhauls. You don’t have to become a raw foody or anything like that. We actually recommend a combination of fresh fruits, herbs, and intermittent fasting.

Speaking of fasting, not eating at all for an extended period is itself a form of a gut cleanse. This frees up your body from having to handle the cumbersome task of breaking down food. Your body can then allot its resource to waste removal.

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Simplify the Process

A natural colon cleanse is made a lot easier using a supplement. This saves you the trouble of buying the ingredients separately to make your own detox elixir.

This is where Digestive Refresh comes in. With all-natural and proven ingredients like aloe ferox, bentonite clay and milk thistle, you’ll achieve a full stomach cleanse by swallowing a few tablets.

Whether you use Digestive Refresh or stick purely to whole foods, what’s important is that you undergo a gut cleanse to flush out all the bad stuff. You’ll know it worked when you notice how much lighter and more energetic you feel.


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