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5 Minerals That Heal Pain and Inflammation

5 minerals that fight chronic pain

Dealing with chronic pain and inflammation is a difficult experience. Emotional distress, due to long-term pain, is hard to cope with and finding solutions can be even harder. Fortunately, your body is designed to heal itself if given the right tools. The five minerals listed below are proven defenses against chronic pain, which allows your body a chance to take initiative and heal itself.

Chronic and Acute Pain

Distinguishing between pain types can help target and treat the pain you may be experiencing. Duration and cause are the main distinguishers. For example, a broken arm causes acute pain. Eventually, the broken bone will heal, and the pain will disappear.

Acute pain is often tied to immediate damage, the type you experience during a car crash or similarly traumatic event.

Chronic pain can stretch on interminably and may never completely disappear.

Finding the root of chronic pain can be difficult, but is almost always caused by long-term illnesses. The process of finding a way to treat this pain can cause extreme emotional distress, which can further contribute to the issue.


Pain Categories

Pain can also be categorized by the type of damage responsible for it. There are three categories.

  • Nociceptive pain is caused by tissue damage. This is typically associated with acute pain.
  • Chronic pain is caused by nerve damage but is also referred to as neuropathic pain.
  • Psychogenic pain is the third category and is related to the others. The root cause of psychogenic pain lies in either chronic or acute pain. However, that damage is exacerbated by psychological distress — including mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

There are exceptions to these categories, such as cases where pain itself originates from psychological distress.

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Magnesium is one of the most crucial minerals for the human body, but an overwhelming majority of Americans show magnesium deficiency. This lack of magnesium causes inflamed muscles to not work properly, which causes trigger points to develop. These points send pain signals to the body, and inflammation ensures that chronic pain sticks around. If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, migraines, knee or leg/foot pain, or buttock and lower back pain, your magnesium levels may be low.

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This is directly tied to sugar intake, since processed sugars deplete magnesium levels. Magnesium is responsible for regulating healthy blood sugar levels, which in turn fight back against inflammation. If magnesium levels are low, that means more inflammatory chemicals are present in your bloodstream. If inflammation occurs, your body degenerates more rapidly and experiences more pain. This information also applies to public knowledge about health. Cholesterol is not the holy grail of heart health, as previously believed by medical experts and patients everywhere. Reduced inflammation levels are key to maintaining a healthy heart, which is why magnesium is so crucial. While magnesium is naturally present in certain foods — grass-fed beef, Brazil nuts, organic dark chocolate and cacao — most Americans don’t eat enough of these foods to counteract their sugar intake. Most people need supplements to boost magnesium levels.


Zinc is the most critical antioxidant in the fight against inflammatory chemicals. Antioxidants prevent cell decay, which maintains DNA integrity. Since DNA serves an instruction manual for protein rebuilding, this allows cells to heal instead of experiencing degeneration.

Zinc is also useful because it helps the thyroid to function properly. Men and women experiencing chronic pain often have an under-functioning thyroid. Since zinc regulates hormonal balance and stimulates the immune system, it promotes a healthy response to inflammation. It is present in oysters, beef, egg yolks and cacao.


Selenium is a powerhouse in the world of antioxidants. From improving brain health to reducing risks of certain types of cancer, selenium is helpful. Its main function involves stimulating increases in glutathione levels, which reduces inflammation and the resulting degeneration that causes. Selenium is present in oysters, chicken, eggs, sardines, Shiitake mushrooms and Brazil nuts.


Boron plays well with other minerals because it helps with magnesium absorption. Many people are boron deficient, which is directly related to boron deficiency in the soil that our fruits and vegetables grow in. Boron helps protect the body against toxins and plays a key role in achieving hormonal balance. This can help achieve progress against inflammation. It is present in avocados, berries, plums, oranges and grapes.


It’s impossible to target inflammation without addressing other issues, such as blood sugar problems and pain. With chromium’s role in lowering blood sugar, it reduces inflammation. This addresses the root cause of other problems, and promotes weight loss, healing hormones, and an increase in energy. Chromium is present in common foods, such as meat, potatoes, seafood, brewer’s yeast, and broccoli.

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Chromium’s role as a blood sugar regulator is important because of stress. With fast-paced lives, many people are in a state of chronic stress. When experiencing stress, the body releases a hormone known as cortisol. This hormone liberates sugar stored in the liver, or in the muscles. This can lead to a decrease of insulin levels, and an increase of excess sugar being stored as fat.

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How do you know whether your body is getting the minerals that it needs? There are specific dosages for optimal intake of each mineral — for example, it’s recommended that you orally ingest 300-500 milligrams of magnesium daily. Even if you eat plenty of grass-fed beef or Brazil nuts, it’s hard to tell how many milligrams you’re ingesting. This becomes even more difficult when you add processed sugar intake — which reduces magnesium levels — into the equation. Consequently, supplements are important tools to take the guesswork out of reducing your chronic pain and inflammation.

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