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Problems Reaching Orgasm? Here’s How Your Busy Life Is Stressing Your Sex Life

Difficulty reaching orgasm is a common problem for women. Studies estimate that between 11 percent and 41 percent ...
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Best Exercises for Sex: 7 Exercises That Can Improve Your Sex Life

Not all physical activity is created equal. This is true for most types of exercise, with sex being ...
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How Not Exercising Affects Your Sex Drive

Almost every individual knows exercise is good for them. They know physical activity can help make them healthier, ...
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Sex or Cardio: Which Burns More Calories?

Bae is coming over tonight. Does that mean you can skip the gym today, and do your workout ...
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Here’s What Intermittent Fasting Is Doing to Your Sex Drive

The research surrounding intermittent fasting is exciting. It’s flashy, always making headlines touting yet another health benefit. Intermittent ...
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7 Dietary Deficiencies That Are Ruining Your Sex Life

What is the best diet for a healthy sex life? While there isn't a definitive answer, there are  ...
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Spice Up Your Sex Life With These 19 Natural Supplements

It can be hard to admit it when your private life is in a bit of a slump, ...
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How To Grow Bigger Testicles (Not Kidding)

I’m about to blow your mind. The video below is a bit controversial, but it’s got some really ...
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Best Nitric Oxide Supplements: Identifying the Best Vasodilators

Nitric oxide (NO) supplements became all the rage fairly recently in the bodybuilding industry. Vasodilation means better nutrient ...
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Nitric Oxide Side Effects: Are There Adverse Reactions for Sensitive Users?

Nitric oxide supplements are one of the few products that live up to the fervor. The studies behind ...
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What Is Nitric Oxide? Why Is NO Such a Popular Supplement?

We have already published a few posts about nitric oxide (NO). This includes the benefits of NO, the ...
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Nitric Oxide and Bodybuilding: Can You Build Muscle with NO?

If you’re a regular reader of bodybuilding or men’s fitness magazines, then you've likely encountered an advertisement for ...
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7 Nitric Oxide Foods for Natural Vasodilation

Nitric oxide supplements took the bodybuilding industry by storm a little more than a decade ago. The muscle-enhancing ...
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Choline Food Sources That Will Increase Your Libido Fast

Why do you feel so run down, exhausted, irritable, and unmotivated?  Why do you feel as if you ...
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10 Ways to Naturally Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction

You are here for two reasons. You are having problems with erectile dysfunction, and you want fix these ...
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