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Bentonite Clay Detox: Cleanse Your Body with This Natural Compound

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Your liver has the all-important task of eliminating toxins. For the most part, the organ does a pretty darn good job, though it does have a breaking point. Years of poor lifestyle habits can tax the liver, greatly inhibiting its ability to shuttle out impurities. Aside from cleaning up your diet, you can also add bentonite clay to your meals or consume as a dietary supplement. We’ll explain some amazing benefits of this clay and its role as a powerful body detox agent.

What Is Bentonite Clay Detox?

Yes, bentonite clay is a type of clay. More specifically, the compound is made up of calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals. The clay comes from volcanic ash deposits that settled on the Earth surface over thousands of years. The enormous span of time allowed the clay to absorb various minerals, making the material a nutritional powerhouse.

In North America, the bulk of bentonite clay is found in Ft. Benton, Wyoming, which is home to numerous dormant volcanoes.

The clay’s usage as a health tonic spans back centuries. One of the earliest records came from none other than Aristotle, who made reference to the ingestion of clay for medicinal purposes.

Much later in the 1300s, famed explorer Marco Polo wrote in his diary that he saw Muslim pilgrims ingesting clay to relieve fever.

Bentonite Clay Is a Metal Detox

Some metals, such as iron and copper are good for you. However, excess amounts can be hazardous. Others like mercury and lead are just plain toxic. As mentioned, your liver more or less does a good job of removing excess metals. However, it can always use a helping hand, and this is where bentonite clay enters the picture.

Heavy metal toxicity is a worldwide problem. Health implications can range from a mild headache to seizures, depending on the degree of exposure and type of metal.

So, how does bentonite clay factor into all of this? It should be known that the clay is also known as magnetic clay and for good reason. The compound actually functions as a magnet with its negative ionic charge. Heavy metals and other harmful toxins like pesticides and pathogens have a positive charge. Positive and negative charges naturally attract and bind together. The binding occurs when the clay is exposed to H2O, causing it to swell and become porous like a sponge. Once mated, the clay carries the metals out the body before they have a chance to enter the bloodstream and intestines.

One review that examined past studies on the effects of bentonite clay concluded that it holds merit as a body detoxification ingredient.

Heavy Metals Are Everywhere

Some people may not think that heavy metal toxicity is a serious concern. However, metals are everywhere, from the foods we eat to the water we drink. Processed foods contain fortified iron. Even fish, which is supposed to be one of the healthiest food sources, now have elevated traces of mercury. Other ways people are exposed to metal include the water supply, which may contain lead, chromium, nickel, cadmium, and more.

Aside from ingestion, metal can also make its way into your body through inhalation and contact with skin. People who live near refineries, mining sites, and smelters are especially prone to toxicity.

It’s unfortunate that these metals are present everywhere. However, this is the payoff of having speedy access to refined foods, running water, emissions-producing vehicles, and other facets of modern living.

Bentonite Clay Is Nutritious

Aside from detoxifying the body of harmful metals, bentonite clay also packs quite a nutritional punch. While the clay removes the bad metals, it also contains some good metals, such as zinc, iron, magnesium, silica, and potassium. This practically makes it a mineral version of a multi-vitamin.

Bentonite Clay Improves Digestion

By purifying the body of dangerous metals, digestion and other bodily functions naturally improve. Studies also suggest that bentonite clay protects the gut lining and prevents intrusion of toxins that may otherwise cause leaky gut syndrome.

In another study involving cows, bentonite clay was useful in binding and removing the rotavirus and coronavirus. Both viruses are contributors of the stomach flu in bovines. Variations of the viruses, though, are found in humans.

The clay may also be beneficial for your canine. If your dog routinely suffers from nausea and vomiting, then consider adding some bentonite clay to its water or milk. It won’t notice the difference.

How to Use Bentonite Clay

Believe it or not, clay is actually edible; just don’t expect it to taste like a bacon cheeseburger. It’s flavorless for the most part, though it does have an earthy aftertaste, which is to be expected. You can mix it with a beverage, pour it in your morning cereal, or sprinkle on your salad.

You may also choose to apply it topically. It makes a great ingredient for a bubble bath. Throw it in your bathwater along with your favorite essential oils. Others choose to include it in a homemade facial mask or mix it in with a moisturizing lotion.

Clay Is Not Just for Sculpting

When one thinks of clay, one can’t help but think about a doughy material similar to children’s Play-Doh for sculpting. This is only one of many applications for clay. Far more importantly, clay is a natural compound that does wonders for the human body. This is why we believe it’s worthy of mention.

For optimal cleansing and digestive health, we recommend bentonite clay in combination with Betaine HCI for stimulating enzyme release. We also suggest a product like Floracil50. It contains the probiotic strain lactobacillus, which has also been shown in studies to aid in metal removal.


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From gut health to proper blood flow, UMZU's supplement line is aimed at helping men and women everywhere heal their body from the inside out.

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