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Detox Weight Loss: Can You Cleanse and Shed the Pounds at the Same Time?

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The primary purpose of a cleanse is to detoxify your body of accumulated toxins. However, don’t be surprised if you experience a few other benefits in the process. Some people have reported a trimmer waistline by the end of a cycle.

Does following a detox weight loss plan really result in a slimmer and toner body? What does the science say?

Can You Really Detox to Lose Weight?

On the surface, it sounds like one of those “too good to be true” types of hype that you hear all the time from supplement makers and health magazines. As with any other fad, you have to turn to science to determine whether the claims warrant more attention.

Admittedly, the studies are a bit mixed. There are definitely detox weight loss studies, though, that yielded positive conclusions.

Intermittent fasting, for example, is a form of body cleansing. A report published in Medical News Today showed that fasting increased metabolism and eventual weight loss. The kicker here is that subjects consumed the same number of calories as the control group.

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How Detox Affects Body Weight

What are the mechanisms at play that results in additional lost pounds? Is weight loss a natural byproduct of having less toxic waste in the digestive system?

Most people have reported losing some weight, though not a whole lot. You definitely won’t become shredded, but you may notice a slight difference depending on your current body mass index.

The weight loss appears to occur more indirectly. Users often report a reduced appetite and more energy. The latter may give them just enough pep to engage in more physical activity rather than sitting on the couch.

A cleanse also flushes out toxins. Some of the unhealthier folks have accumulated excess pounds from the weight of the toxins alone. A cleanse flushes out most of the impurities, removing the extra few pounds that came with the toxins.

On top of that, certain ingredients in a cleanse, as you’re about to discover, induce body thermogenesis for increased caloric expenditure.

Ultimately, the primary purpose of a cleanse is to purify the body. Detox for weight loss should be a secondary factor that you benefit from on the side.

What About Detox Juices?

If the detox involves a homemade tonic, then it comes down to the ingredients. Some natural compounds commonly used for detox do aid in fat loss.

Cayenne peppers are an example of such an ingredient. The main active compound in the pepper is capsaicin, which has been shown in a Thai study to have thermogenic properties. This means it accelerates metabolism and may also reduce appetite. We recommend reading our previous post on cayenne peppers to learn more about the amazing benefits of this spicy ingredient.

Another excellent compound is milk thistle, which is a natural liver and kidney cleanser with numerous studies to back it up. Furthermore, a study found that silymarin, a flavonoid extract derived from milk thistle, was effective in fighting inflammation and inducing weight loss in obese mice.

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As you can see, detox for weight loss is definitely possible provided that the juice/smoothie contains all-natural proven ingredients. This is where the dieter has to be choosy with the ingredients they add. If you decide detox via juice, you have to be certain that what goes in the blender has been shown in studies to aid in weight reduction.

Instead of just randomly choosing a juice cleanse recipe, study each ingredient to determine its nutritional value. Don’t think you have to follow any recipe to a T. Feel free to omit ingredients or add as you see fit. Recipes are just recommendations, anyways.

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What About Weight Loss Detox Supplements?

Detox weight loss supplements come in all varieties with all sorts of concoctions and proprietary blends. As with juicing, you have to study the ingredients. Read the label and identify the active ingredients. Does it contain proven substances like capsaicin or milk thistle? Furthermore, what’s the concentration of inactive ingredients? Too much fillers dilute the product, rendering it so ineffective that you might as well be taking a sugar pill.

As with any supplement, the fewer the ingredients the better. This is UMZU’s golden rule when it comes to nutrition in a pill or capsule.

Go All-Natural with Digestive Refresh

This is why we recommend sticking to an all-natural supplement like Digestive Refresh. UMZU only included active ingredients proven to assist your organs and digestive system. Any weight loss detox plan should solely include wholesome foods and nothing derived in a lab. You can take Digestive Refresh if you find juicing too time consuming. Some people choose to use Digestive Refresh as part of a bigger detox weight loss plan that also includes juicing and intermittent fasting.

Our final takeaway is this: You can certainly detox to lose weight. However, we believe you’ll benefit more by making body purification your main goal. The weight loss will naturally follow. In any case, don’t fret too much over the numbers on the scale during your detox cycle.

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