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Keep It Cool This Summer With These Easy Grooming Tips For Men

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Summer is great. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the water is warm, and everything is carefree. Unfortunately, summer can also be the times when carefully planned grooming regimens fall to pieces.

It’s hot. It’s humid. Your hair and face get oilier, faster. You’re sweating in places that you really didn’t know you could sweat. And how about the hell you go through to maintain a beard in the summer?

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Lucky for you there are some simple, effective and easy summer grooming techniques men can follow. Look no further, as this is your official guide to summertime seasonal grooming.

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Summer Grooming Tips for a Man’s Hair and Beard

1. Dry Shampoo

If you get greasy in the middle of the day, if you’re at a music festival without readily available showers, if you’re rocking a man bun—no matter your personal situation this summer, dry shampoo is your best friend. Just a little bit can save you the hassle of washing your hair more often than you need to, plus it’s better for your hair in the long run, as it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils like constant shampooing, but instead absorbs the oil and keeps your head feeling fresh. It’s really easy to do; dry shampooing literally takes a minute, tops.

2. Pomade

Stronger than your average gel, a pomade will hold your hair in place, no matter how hot the day. If you’re always busy, the last thing you need is your hair falling all over the place when you’re trying to do something else. A good pomade can even be used minimally to tame flyaway hair on your head or even your face. If your eyebrows seem like they have a mind of their own, or if you’re trying a new thing with your facial hair, a multi-purpose pomade will do the job of keeping everything put and lasting all day without wearing off.

Try to find a mostly-natural product, as it’ll be better for your hair if you avoid petroleum and other nasties. Too much can result in an oily mess, so keep it to a minimum.

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3. Beard Oil

In the summer time, frizzy hair abounds, and it’s so much worse for facial hair. If you are deciding to maintain a beard this season, make sure you condition it. A lightweight beard oil lends a great fragrance to your scruff and also keeps it soft. On a related note, wash your beard everyday. Studies have been going around claiming that beards, when not properly maintained, harbor the same bacteria as fecal matter. Don’t be that guy. Wash your beard. And use a beard oil, too.

Summer Grooming tips for a Man’s Face

1. Oil-based Cleanser

This might contradict everything you think you know about skin care, but hang in there. Simply stated, you have to wash your face. Thanks to the hot weather and humidity, your skin will be producing a whole lot of sebum, which translates to an oily face and acne. Avoid using body soap on your face too, as that can be alkaline and harsh, and cause your skin to react adversely, consequently producing even more oil. By using a gentle cleansing oil, you can help your skin reset by replacing the bad, pimple-causing sebum with nourishing oils that keep you fresh and moisturized, without leaving uncomfortable skin tightness behind.

2. Non-Alcoholic Toner

If you’re going with the clean-shaven look this summer, a toner is a must. Not only will it prep your face for a moisturizer, but it also prevents acne by killing bacteria before they get a chance to set up camp post-shave. Avoid alcohol-based toners, as they are drying and can cause your skin to react by producing excess oil and becoming shiny. If you add a simple toner into your routine, you’ll get the most out of your skin care and you’ll ward off bacteria.

3. Face Sunscreen

It’s summer. It goes without saying that you’ll be in the sun, and when that is the case, a strong sunscreen is necessary. Get a moisturizer with a high SPF so you can avoid normal sunscreen screwing with your pores and leaving you looking pasty and oily. Look for a broad spectrum mattifying lotion in order to keep your face shine-free and protected from harmful rays while you’re out and about. Don’t forget to reapply multiple times throughout the day, as you would with any other sunscreen routine.

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4. Lip Balm with SPF

If you’re going to put sunscreen on your face, you should absolutely be putting sunscreen on your lips. Lips are probably the most delicate skin you have on your face, and we all know the pain of a horribly chapped pair. Keep your lips from peeling by liberally applying a moisturizing and protective lip balm. Plain old Vaseline will essentially cook your lips, acting as a deep fryer in the sun. Using zinc oxide will just make you look like a lifeguard from the 80s, and nobody will take you seriously. Get a clear and non-greasy lip balm to do the job right.

Body Tips for Men

1. Body Scrub

Get rid of any excess dead skin cells that can contribute to body acne and the like. Use an exfoliator every few days in the shower to prevent ingrown hairs, and to keep your skin soft. Make sure you choose a scrub with hydrating properties in order to calm down any irritation caused. Also, make sure to use a light hand; too harsh of a scrub can feel satisfying at first but can cause red patches on your skin if it isn’t used to exfoliation.

2. Anti-Chafing Gel

All guys know the pain of chafing, so there’s no need to describe it. Summertime is the absolute worst for chafing, due to heat, humidity and sweat. If you’re looking to avoid painful blisters, get a simple unscented, powder or gel. It will save you many a worry when it comes to chafing.

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Remember these tips, and your summer grooming issues will be all but a distant memory.


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