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Liver Cleanse Side Effects: Watch Out for These Negative After-Effects

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In past posts, we discussed the importance of a whole-body detox, which includes a cleansing of the liver and colon. With respects to the former, some people have experienced mild after-effects. Most liver cleanse side effects are minor provided that you stick to natural ingredients. Nevertheless, we feel we should forewarn anyone of possible unwanted sensations associated with a liver cleanse diet.

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Why Side Effects Occur

Cleansing the liver is a good thing. Why, then, do side effects occur at all? This has many people scratching their heads and even thinking twice before embarking on a detox plan.

Think about the last time you had the common cold or flu. We bet that you felt like absolute crap. Despite the physically ill feeling, the body is at work fighting the pathogenic invaders that caused the ailment. The body is doing what it’s supposed to do to eventually make you feel better, but you’re going to feel uncomfortable for a bit in the interim.

It’s the same idea with any detox. You’re going to experience some liver cleanse side effects as the body expels years of toxins and poisons accumulated in and around the organ. Of course, everyone’s bodies respond differently and some people undergo a complete detox cycle without unpleasant sensations at all.

You are more likely to experience side effects if this is your first liver detox ever and you have a lot of waste to remove due to years of an unhealthy lifestyle. If you constantly hit the bottle or smoke cigarettes, for instance, then you may be more prone to side effects since both of those habits are known to toxify the liver.

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How to Ease Liver Cleanse Side Effects

There are ways you can prepare your body for the daunting task at hand. One huge key is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the process; this will help the body fend off the typical symptoms associated with a liver flush.

Plus, drinking a lot of fluids also helps keep the pathogens and waste moving along your tracts. It just expedites and makes the process a lot smoother. Sure, you’ll be making trips to the toilet every 30 minutes, but you’ll feel less bogged down.

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Start with drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water. That’s the amount you should be drinking daily on a normal basis. However, eight glasses is a good aim if you’re not already drinking that amount. Gradually bump that number up as you build your tolerance.

What Are the Side Effects?

In the earlier phases of a detox cycle, you may feel abdominal pain, headaches and fatigue. For this reason, we suggest starting the detox on a day when you have no work and minimal commitments. You may also feel nausea and may vomit once or twice. Needless to say, you’ll feel crappy, and when you feel like crap, you’ll also be irritable.

The side effects may also come down to the type of cleanse you use. As you may know, there are multiple detox programs out there. Some side effects are more commonly associated with a particular method.

The Master Cleanse, for example, is a program we talked about in our DIY colon cleanse article. It involves drinking lemon juice infused with maple syrup. Some followers have reported a burning sensation in their bowel movement, likely caused by the high acidity. This was followed by dizziness and slight nausea.

Some people also go on an herbal cleanse, in which side effects may be dependent on the specific herb(s) used. Milk thistle is one common herb backed by studies as a liver detoxifier. While side effects are rare, some first-time users have experienced bloating, upset stomach and diarrhea.

Another common herbal cleanse ingredient is cayenne pepper. Since this is a chili, it’s no surprise that users may experience sweating, runny nose and stomach irritation.

The same goes for herbal supplements. Just because you take the same herbs in capsule form doesn’t mean you won’t notice any sensations come up. We won’t even claim our own Digestive Refresh is side-effect-free, even though very few users have reported undesirable after-effects.

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Should You Be Worried About the Side Effects?

Remember, not everyone experiences side effects, and those who do only report minor sensations that dissipate within the first day or two. We must also reiterate that the side effects are symptoms associated with a body ridding itself of harmful pathogens and toxic waste.

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Unless side effects are severe, there is no reason to worry, since all detox methods we outline only involve natural foods, herbs and supplements. It’s a different matter altogether if you resort to a store-bought cleanser containing man-made compounds.

A Cleanse Only Benefits You

We want to cap off this post by saying that a cleanse of any sorts only benefits you in the long-run. So many people fear that if they experience side effects that it’s actually hurting their health. On the contrary, minor liver cleanse side effects are usually a sign that your body is hard at work transporting and eliminating years of stored waste.


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