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Does Working Out Increase Testosterone? The Correlation Between Exercise and Male Hormones

Whether your goal is increasing testosterone or improving health in general, we strongly believe you should always acquire ...
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Does Sex Increase Testosterone? The Impact of Intercourse on Male Hormones

As it turns out, sex does appear to increase male testosterone. This isn’t a new revelation by any ...
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6 Testosterone Vitamins: Identifying the Vitamins That Raise Male Hormones

There are many proven testosterone-boosting foods, but the magic lies not in the foods themselves but in their ...
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Testosterone Boosting Smoothie Recipes

I consider myself somewhat of a smoothie connoisseur. After years of making, tasting and downing them in a ...
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4 Natural Supplements To Increase Testosterone Levels In Men

In a world full of scummy supplement companies just preying on consumers — selling sugar powders hyped as ...
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Boron Citrate Supplement for Testosterone: Up to 28% Increase in T-Levels?

Boron is definitely one of the lesser known minerals out there. Why it doesn’t get any love or ...
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How to Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men (After 40)

Once you hit 40 and beyond, your testosterone levels aren’t going to be where they were when you ...
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Running and Testosterone: Does Running Increase Testosterone? Or Lower It Instead?

Some people are just addicted to the endorphin kick that sets in after completing a good run. Lacing ...
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Add These 30 Foods to Your Grocery Cart to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Both men and women can benefit from increased testosterone levels at different stages of life. If you subscribe ...
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5 Testosterone-Boosting Foods High in Boron

Boron is definitely one of the lesser known minerals out there. Why it doesn’t get any love or ...
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Boost Testosterone With These 3 Foods High in Magnesium

Food is the best source for increasing testosterone, not some synthetic pill or powder. Various vitamins and minerals ...
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8 Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

Most foods are not universally good or bad. Many are actually good for one aspect of your health, ...
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Understanding Sympathetic Dominance for Higher Testosterone

Sympathetic dominance is a condition that is becoming increasingly common.  The medical literature surrounding sympathetic dominance is growing ...
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Can A Ketogenic Diet Work With The THOR Program?

I have received a bunch of questions regarding whether or not you can use low carb, vegan, paleo ...
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My Honest Review of Reset Yourself Micronutrient Testing Service

I wholeheartedly believe you need to get your micronutrients analyzed if you want to formulate the best attack ...
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Track Your Sleep For Higher Testosterone

More then ever, people are starting to realize the importance of getting a good nights sleep. Maybe it ...
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The Potent Effects Of Glutathione On Testosterone Production

Antioxidants come in various forms and can be found in most of what have been colloquially termed as ...
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The Dirty Truth About Trans Fats And Testosterone

There’s nothing worse than hearing that the things that taste good are also the worst things for you ...
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