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Fast Results Workout: 3 Keys to Maximum Results In The Gym

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Looking for a fast results workout? Take a moment to imagine yourself seeing body fat practically melting off your body and your muscles getting bigger and stronger week after week. Imagine the excitement you feel walking out of the gym with your head up high, knowing you did better than your last workout and having the confidence that you are getting steps closer to your goals.

That’s what most guys want to get out of their hard efforts in the gym.

The fact of the matter is, most guys aren’t getting those results. Next time you workout, take a closer look at the people you often see. Chances are, they pretty much look the same month after month — or even, year after year.

Why aren’t they getting results? Heck, why aren’t you seeing the results you want?

In this quick article, we’re going to uncover a few quick and effective strategies to maximize your time and effort in the gym.

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Building Your Foundation

Along with taking measures to improve your lifestyle, such as eating better and sleeping more, supplementation can help give you the edge you’re looking for. When I started taking weightlifting more seriously, it wasn’t a matter of going to the gym more but a matter of how I could make that hour-long workout more effective and get the most out of it.

(Lifting weights is also a great way to encourage your body to produce more testosterone, if done correctly.)

Basically, if I put an hour in, I wanted to get much better results out. So, here’s what I did.

3 Strategies To Maximize Your Efforts In The Gym

First and foremost, you cannot go into your workouts without a purpose or expect to see results just by going through the motions.

1.) Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is simply lifting more weight over a period of time. And it’s one of the most important factors for muscle growth and strength. Think of it like this… If you take your bench press from 135 lbs to over 200 lbs for reps, that’s giving a reason for your muscles to grow.

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Keeping this in mind gives purpose and structure to your workouts. Leading to each workout building upon the last. This is how you create results.

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2.) The Perfect Pre-Workout Mix

Before hitting your workout hard, you want to make sure your body is primed to perform at its best. Here’s what I’ve been mixing up before my workouts:

Orange Juice – The purpose of orange juice is to have the fructose within bind to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) so it doesn’t bind to free-testosterone, making it inactive.

Creatine – This compound is great for over testosterone production as well as building strength in the gym.

L-Carnitine – This compound helps prime the androgen receptors in your muscles to be more available for the free-testosterone, which, now you have more of because of the fructose.

Liquid Ginseng – Ginseng helps boost testosterone and nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is very important for a man’s health.

This pre-workout mix is quick, effective, tasty and even easy on the stomach.

3.) Maximize Your Post Workout

Finally, the last strategy to maximize your results in the gym is to supplement with UMZUceutical’s testosterone booster, Testro-X.

For me, this was a necessity. After dinner on both workout days and non-workout days I have one serving of Testro-X.

With a 30-day supply in each bottle along with auto-ship, it was easy to keep track of, and it takes the work out making sure I was giving my body everything it needed for optimal T-production.

The Benefits of Testro-X

Here are some of the key reasons why Testro-X improved my workout performance.

Testro-X contains KSM-66 Ashwaganda which helps relax you and sleep better.

It’s also a powerful stress fighting compound, fighting against cortisol and helping to rebalance your hormonal production throughout your entire body. This can lead to a positive impact on testosterone production and recovering from the gym.

Testro-X also has the most bioavailable form of zincboron, and magnesium; these micronutrients are the building blocks of testosterone in the body.

Another main ingredient in this supplement is forskolin. Dozens of studies have proven forskolin to be an effective cAMP activator (messenger between cells and hormones) while one human study found that forskolin increases testosterone. There’s even a study showing that it helps activate androgen receptors. You want this for muscle growth.

Finally, Testro-X contains inositolglycine, and l-theanine. These ingredients help with the signaling from your hypothalamus to your pituitary gland to signal to your body with more luteinizing hormone (LH) to produce more testosterone.

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How Will I Know It Will Work?

Each ingredient in Testro-X has multiple human studies to back its efficacy. We’re proud to stand behind our product knowing that what you see on the label is what you get. As I previously mentioned, Testro-X has the most bioavailable form of each ingredient so your body can actually absorb them easily and effectively.

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We did our homework, so you get results.

Overall, I think it’s more than safe to say that Testro-X should be a staple in your workout regime. Are you ready to maximize your hard efforts in the gym with these new strategies and Testro-X?

Don’t go into another workout without these essentials.


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