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My Honest Review of Reset Yourself Micronutrient Testing Service

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I wholeheartedly believe you need to get your micronutrients analyzed if you want to formulate the best attack plan for increasing your testosterone naturally.

It’s only logical to “know your numbers.”

I’m going to be your number 1 advocate for eliminating your micronutrient deficiencies.

I cannot stress enough this basic Truth: if you have micronutrient deficiencies, your health is suffering and will not improve until you eliminate those deficiencies. It’s a basic foundation of health. If your body does not have the raw materials available to fuel its metabolic processes, then you will not be able to optimize your hormones, digestion, cognition, or metabolism.

I recommend testing your micronutrients before even testing your hormone levels.

The micronutrient hair analysis numbers will actually inform which hormone tests you should get.

For example, on my recent micronutrient analysis that I discuss in the video above, my selenium and phosphorus levels indicated that I probably have low levels of thyroid hormones, so I can order a T3 test next time I get my hormones checked.

Since I saw this, for example, I’ve been consuming 2 brazil nuts daily to get my selenium back to normal quickly, which should help my thyroid rather immediately.

Another important element of the micronutrient analysis was the discovery of several heavy metals in my system. These heavy metals are likely over-taxing my liver, which would effect my Free T levels (if SHBG is increased). So I will get my SHBG and Free T checked in my next hormone test as well.

I wasn’t even aware of it, but I currently have high levels of mercury & lead in my blood. I don’t eat much fish, so Fie – the founder of Reset Yourself – was able to help me ascertain that it was likely due to the fact that I still have several metal tooth cavity fillings from when I was a child.

Now, I can go and get those removed asap to stop the metals from leeching into my blood stream any further.

My favorite thing about “knowing your numbers” when it comes to micronutrient analysis is that it brings you this level of awareness that you didn’t have before.

Most people never look at their nutrients/metals.

But as a “foundational” check up, it tells you SO MUCH about your current state of health.

It also gives you a direct insight into whether your diet is nutritionally deficient or not – which is very telling. Most people just crash diet on and off for years with all sorts of crazy nutritionally-void foods so this testing will help you to know which supplements you should be taking until you get rid of any deficiencies you’ve likely developed.

I discuss the major deficiencies in a ton of detail in this post The 4 T Supplements (That Actually Work).

Micronutrient Deficiencies and Testosterone Production: The Importance Of Hair Analysis Mineral Testing (Micronutrient Testing)

Unless you are stranded on an island, it’s unlikely that you are starving yourself. Nevertheless, you may be following a diet that’s depriving you of certain nutrients necessary for optimal T production. This is especially the case if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet or consume a lot of empty calories.

Even if you think you eat a balanced diet, the quality of the food, such as whether it’s organic, how it’s prepared, added preservatives, and how long it has been sitting in the fridge can determine the quality and quantity of nutrients in the food.

So how do you know if you are nutrient deficient? While multiple vitamins and minerals are required for hormone regulation, testosterone production is typically linked to these following nutrients:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been shown in this study to be as effective as hormonal therapy for raising testosterone in boys with delayed puberty. Percentage of vitamin A deficiency in the US is 50%.

Signs of vitamin A deficiency:

  • acne
  • dry and scaly skin
  • dry hair
  • excess dandruff
  • mouth ulcers

Vitamin D

When it comes to testosterone production, milk does do a body good. Scientists have discovered vitamin D receptors cells in the glands responsible for releasing androgen. On top of that, the vitamin is also believed to prevent aromatization, the process of testosterone being changed into estrogen. Percentage of vitamin D deficiency in the US is 75%.

Signs of vitamin D deficiency:

  • moodiness
  • aching bones
  • psoriasis
  • fatigue
  • sweaty head
  • susceptibility to infections


Like vitamin D, low zinc levels have been linked to aromatization. Zinc is also necessary for converting the steroid hormone androstenedione to testosterone. Percentage of zinc deficiency globally is 31%.

Signs of zinc deficiency:

  • skin lesions
  • skin rashes
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • decreased libido
  • spots on fingernails


Magnesium increases the body’s ability to absorb vital antioxidants, which are needed for fighting free radicals that bind to free testosterone. Magnesium also promotes restful sleep, which is also a critical component for healthy T production. Percentage of magnesium deficiency in the US is 80%.

Signs of magnesium deficiency:

  • lethargy
  • irritability
  • nausea
  • muscle spasms
  • muscle cramps
  • loss of appetite

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is often the “redheaded stepchild” of vitamins in the sense that it’s the one that hardly gets a mention in health circles. This is a shame because studies suggest it might be a valuable T booster.

In a Japanese study, male rats fed a vitamin K2-rich diet for five weeks saw a whopping 88% increase of testosterone in their testes. Percentage of vitamin K deficiency in the US is unknown.

Signs of vitamin K2 deficiency:

  • bleeding gums
  • blood in the urine
  • nose bleeding
  • easy bruising

Foods that Cause Nutritional Deficiency (Importance of Micronutrient Testing)

People often associate nutritional deficiency with not eating enough of the right foods. However, deficiency is also directly caused by the overconsumption of certain types of foods. If you’re consuming too much of the items listed below, then you’re not doing your testosterone levels or health as a whole any favors.

If, after you take your Reset Yourself micronutrient hair analysis test, you are deficient in multiple things. Here are some of the common things you can fix immediately.

  • Coffee – Americans sure love their caffeine kick whether it be in the form of a cup of Joe or Red Bull. Too much of it though, will cause your body to expel magnesium, calcium, and potassium through your urine.
  • Alcohol – While an occasional drink can actually be good for you, being a daily guzzler causes your kidneys to excrete valuable minerals, including chromium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, and calcium.
  • Soda – Soda drinks contain high amounts of phosphorous, which depletes your body of calcium because it competes with it for absorption in the intestines.
  • Sugar – Your body uses 54 molecules of magnesium for every molecule of sugar you ingest. Sugar also creates an insulin spike, which in turn depletes your zinc stores.
  • Grains – Grains and whole wheat have been touted as healthy. They do, however, contain phytic acids, which binds with minerals in the intestines and cause them to be excreted before your body gets to use them.

Lifestyle Factors Also Come Into Play

Aside from poor food choices, other destructive lifestyle factors also contribute to nutritional deficiency and therefore low testosterone. The following factors can sap your body of vital nutrients:


Yes, anaerobic exercise is a prerequisite for optimal testosterone gains. However, too many trips to the gym can be counterproductive. Excessive strenuous physical activity causes oxidative stress, which requires the need for antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E to counteract the damage.

Exercise also results in perspiration; each bead of sweat contains traces of magnesium, potassium, and chloride leaving your body.


You don’t need a lecture about the dangers of puffing on a cancer stick. However, it’s not just lung cancer you need to worry about. This study shows that smoking elevates cortisol levels, which, as you probably already know, is the arch enemy of testosterone. Smoking also depletes the body of most major vitamins, especially the B vitamins and vitamin C.


Stressing out about all the nuances of your life might be more hazardous than you thought. Like smoking, stress releases cortisol; cortisol depletes vitamin C as the antioxidant is used to suppress the stress hormone. Stress also uses up your B vitamins. If you’ve ever wondered why these vitamins are called stress B complex, it’s because they’re linked to the body’s ability to produce the “feel good” hormone serotonin.

Take Cortigon to eliminate stress naturally.

 Micronutrient Testing For Testosterone Optimization

So long story short, I HIGHLY recommend you get your micronutrients analysed. I had an awesome experience with this service (and the founders are super friendly and helpful).




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