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5 Testosterone-Boosting Foods High in Boron

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Boron is definitely one of the lesser known minerals out there. Why it doesn’t get any love or attention, we don’t know. Nevertheless, it’s essential for elevating free testosterone. To ensure that you never forget about boron, just remember that it sounds like “moron.”

There are many foods that are rich in boron. Plus, you can also turn to boron supplements for convenience.

What Is Boron?

What exactly is this trace mineral and what makes it a powerhouse for testosterone enhancement? Boron is fairly rare, comprising of only about .001 percent of the Earth’s crust.

While non-essential, it’s certainly a nice-to-have given its proven ability as a natural T-booster. Just how potent is boron? In one study, eight male subjects were administered 10 mg of boron daily for seven days. After the week-long trial, the subjects experienced these dramatic results:

  • Free testosterone rose by 28 percent
  • Free estrogen dropped by 39 percent
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increased by 10 percent

It’s also worth noting that this study was done on human subjects. That should give it extra credibility for those skeptical about rat studies.

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What Else Does Boron Offer?

Boron may also elevate testosterone indirectly. How? The mineral is also proven effective for preventing vitamin D deficiency. In a 1991 study, patients diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency were able to elevate vitamin D-3 levels by 24 percent after taking a boron supplement for 60 days.

Aside from strengthening bones by improving calcium absorption, vitamin D also elevates testosterone while lowering SHBG levels, according to a 2010 study. This was followed by a 2011 study in which men who took a vitamin D supplement for a year had 25 percent more testosterone compared to a placebo group.

Consume These Foods With Boron

Fortunately, boron isn’t only found in some exotic or expensive food. It’s actually readily available in foods you’re probably already eating. This includes foods we listed in previous videos due to being high in other testosterone-elevating minerals or vitamins.

1. Raisins

Feel free to load up on the Raisin Bran for breakfast because those shriveled grapes contain the highest known source of boron. A 100-grams serving of cereal contain the full 100 percent recommended daily allowance. This goes for all raisins, including the less common golden raisins.

For a double whammy, add raisins to your sugar-free yogurt for adding some natural sweetness. The probiotics do wonders for your gut health; they also increase testosterone, so the good bacteria and boron have something in common there.

2. Avocados

Great news for guacamole lovers: Avocados are jam-packed with two testosterone-boosting ingredients. Most people are aware that avocados are a rich source of healthy monounsaturated fats. Not many, though, know that they’re also chockfull of boron, containing about two-thirds of your daily allowance per 100-gram serving.

3. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts make our list once again. A 100-gram serving contain about 55 percent RDA of boron. If you have read our previous posts or watched our videos, then you know it also has an overall rich micronutrient profile. This includes magnesium and a desirable ratio of monounsaturated to polyunsaturated fats. This makes brazil nuts a triple whammy.

4. Prunes

Prunes and raisins are similar fruits, so it makes sense prunes would also supply ample boron. A 100-grams serving provides one-third RDA of the mineral. Raisins, though, provide a higher percentage, and they tend to be cheaper in the stores as well. A good strategy is to stick mainly to raisins for snacking or as a topping and transition to prunes when you feel like adding variety to your meals.

5. Dried Apricots

Apricots are rich in essentials vitamins, including A, C and E. The fact it’s on this list means it’s another rich source of boron, containing 66 percent RDA per 100-gram serving. As with prunes, you can occasionally transition to this if you want a break from raisins.

Apricots also have an overall rich mineral profile, including a high source of calcium, copper, manganese, and phosphorous, all of which are vital for strengthening bones and offsetting osteoporosis.

How About Whole Fruit?

As you can see, three of the five boron rich foods are dried fruits. This naturally leads to the question of whether you can acquire boron from grapes, plums, and whole apricots. You can, but you’ll have to eat a far higher concentration. Eat the fruit whole with the skin on since that’s where most of the boron is derived from.

It’s easier to acquire the boron from the dried fruits listed. However, we understand that some people don’t like dried fruit. Such foods are also shunned by dentists because they’re sugary and easily cling to the teeth. We don’t believe this is a major problem, though. Just rinse your mouth or drink some water to loosen the sugar in your teeth and gums.

How About Boron Supplements?

Just about any vitamin and mineral available in food is also available in powder or capsule form. Boron is no exception. If all the foods with boron cause you to make a yucky face, then you can certainly resort to a boron supplement.

For a natural testosterone booster, we recommend Testro-X. This product is all-natural and contains proven ingredients for increasing testosterone, including magnesium, zinc and, of course, boron. This makes Testro-X an all-in-one supplement, and it’s more convenient than taking multiple single-mineral products.

Boron Is Nature’s Testosterone Booster

Despite its relative obscurity, boron is a proven mineral with its effects on testosterone well documented by multiple independent studies. Acquire this mineral one way or another, whether that be through boron rich foods or through supplementation.

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