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Testro-X Ingredients


Your testosterone levels naturally decline as you age. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop aging altogether. However, by adopting good lifestyle habits and eating a healthy diet, you can minimize your testosterone decline.

Yet sometimes you need a little more than kale and turmeric to optimize your health. Testro-X contains a blend of research-backed ingredients that keep your body producing testosterone like it did in your twenties.

Keep reading to find out why you should care about your testosterone levels and how the nine natural ingredients in Testro-X support your overall health.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Do you still think of testosterone as a muscle building hormone?

While it’s true that your body needs testosterone to build muscle tissue, this vital hormone does a lot more than that.

Low testosterone can lead to the following health consequences:

  • Decreased libido
  • Trouble building muscle
  • Compromised bone density
  • Increased body fat percentage
  • Impaired sleep
  • Low energy
  • Depression
  • Irritability

Also, do you think only men need testosterone? Think again! Women produce testosterone in their ovaries, and when women’s testosterone levels drop too low, they experience the same negative health effects that men experience.

Taking Testro-X — along with healthy lifestyle habits — can increase testosterone and improve your overall health.

We’ve developed Testro-X with natural ingredients that have human research to support them as testosterone boosters. You won’t find any filler or fluff ingredients on our label because there are already enough supplement companies out there trying to sell you on snake oils.

Curious what’s in our formula that sets it apart from other testosterone boosters? Keep reading to learn about how the ingredients in Testro-X improve your overall health.

Testro-X Ingredients

We’ve spent countless hours researching each ingredient that we’ve included in Testro-X. We also made sure that we included each ingredient in the exact optimal amount shown by research.

We found over 52 studies that support our ingredients as human testosterone boosters. You can find the studies here if you want to dive into the research yourself, but we’ve also summarized the research below for you.

Testro-X Lifestyle 2

Testro-X Ingredient Label

Here’s a closer look at what’s in Testro-X serving (three capsules):

We’ve included three types of ingredients in Testro-X.

These ingredients include essential minerals that support your body’s testosterone production, adaptogen herbs that decrease your stress and natural compounds that increase the production of hormones that signal to your body to produce more testosterone.

Let’s look at each one separately.

Zinc, Magnesium and Boron

Your body needs all three of these essential minerals to produce testosterone. When your body doesn’t have enough of one of these minerals, your testosterone levels decline.

What the research says:

  • Magnesium supplementation increases free and total testosterone in both active and sedentary men.
  • Zinc increases the production of thyroid hormone and testosterone in active men.
  • Zinc deficiency leads to diminished testosterone production.
  • Supplementing with zinc increases luteinizing hormone (LH), which signals for your testes/ovaries to produce more testosterone.
  • One study found 10mg of boron per day increased testosterone levels by 28 percent in humans.

Ashwagandha and Forskohlii

These two herbs are known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances that can reduce stress in your body.

When you’re stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels go up, your testosterone levels go down.

What the research says:

  • One study found ashwagandha supplementation led to significant increases in testosterone levels and reduced cortisol levels over 60 days.
  • Forskohlii root increases cAMP levels, which leads to increased testosterone production.
  • In one study, 250mg of forskohlii root per day increased testosterone production by 33 percent.

Glycine, L-Theanine and Inositol

These three compounds increase your testosterone production by increasing your body’s production of two other hormones: LH and GnRH. When levels of these two hormones increase, your testosterone levels also increase.

What the research says:

  • Inositol increases LH production, which leads to greater testosterone levels.
  • L-theanine increases GnRH hormone levels and signals to your testes to produce testosterone.
  • Glycine increases both LH and GnRH levels.

Bioperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract)

Bioperine increases the absorption of the ingredients in Testro-X, including the amino acids glycine and L-theanine.

What the research says:

  • Bioperine increases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, amino acids and several other chemicals.

Benefits of Testro-X

As we’ve already mentioned, low levels of testosterone can lead to negative health effects in both men and women.

Taking a testosterone supplement like Testro-X slows down the rate that your body’s testosterone production declines with age.

How do you know if you have low testosterone?

The easiest way to tell if your testosterone levels are lower than they should be is through a blood test. However, there are a few ways to tell if your testosterone levels are less than optimal even without a blood test.

If you notice a sudden negative shift in your mood without an obvious cause (e.g. starting a new job, sudden financial concerns, etc.) you might have a testosterone imbalance.

Likewise, if you suddenly find it harder to build muscle or you notice your body fat has increased — even though you haven’t changed your eating or exercise habits — that could also be a sign of a hormone imbalance.

Does Testro-X Cause Side Effects?

When you inject synthetic testosterone, like you do during testosterone replacement therapy, you can impair your body’s natural testosterone levels. This impairment in your natural testosterone production may lead to several side effects, like an increased risk of heart attack, testicle shrinkage and infertility.

However, because the ingredients in Testro-X support your natural testosterone production, you don’t have to worry about side effects when taking Testro-X. With ZERO synthetic testosterone in our supplement, you can experience all of the pros with none of the cons.

Testro-X Reviews

Not sure if Testro-X is looking for you? Check out these reviews on Testro-X from our Amazon page to see why people love this product:

We’re so confident that you can benefit from Testro-X that we’re offering it to you completely risk-free.

If you’re not happy with this product for whatever reason, we’ll refund 100 percent of your money within the first 60 days, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Buy Testro-X today to maximize your testosterone levels and gain muscle like you did when you were 20!


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