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Thermo Diet Meal Prep Guide Outline

In the 1950s, Dr. Broda Barnes stated as many as 40 percent of Americans were experiencing effects of ...
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Soy Is Causing Fertility and Sexual Health Problems for Americans

How many times have you eaten soy today? Even if you think the answer is zero, you’re likely ...
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Your Frying Pan Is Cooking Up Cancer and Birth Defects

Whether you’re creating a list for your wedding registry, or making an omelet for Sunday morning brunch, you’ve ...
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probiotic power

This Bacteria Lives in Your Groceries and Stops Disease in Its Tracks

Can you guess which room in your home contains the most bacteria? If you guessed the bathroom, guess ...
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How Agribusiness Has Silently Taken Over Organic Food

Organic foods are no longer the domain of health food stores. You can find food with USDA-certified organic ...
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fda cover up

The FDA Doesn’t Want You to Know GMOs Are in 80 Percent of All Food

Wouldn't it be crazy if the very people who are supposed to protect us end up putting us ...
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Everything on Your Plate Is Corn

"It's in almost every product in the supermarket today," states says Betty Fussell1, author of The Story of ...
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Beer and Soda Companies Still Coat Cans With BPA Because They Don’t Care About Consumer Health

It’s Friday night. You grab a can of beer from the fridge and sit back on the couch. ...
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Here’s Why Humans Have Been Drinking Bone Broth for Thousands of Years

Schoolchildren line up for free issue of soup and a slice of bread in the Depression, Belmore North ...
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toxic water

Toxins Our Government Refuses to Regulate Are Definitely in Our Water Now

“Flint was a wake-up call for Americans, but it’s not the only place in the United States with ...
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Almond Milk Is Unhealthy, and It’s Ravishing the Environment

A cocktail of disparate elements have come together to make people hyper-aware of their choices in everyday life. ...
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Thermo Diet for women

Thermo Diet for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Optimal Health

Many people are interested in being healthier. Unfortunately, popular wisdom often dictates that the path to health can ...
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Everything We’ve Been Told About the Health Benefits of Soy Is Wrong

If asked, most people would probably say that they consume soy when they eat edamame, tofu or soy ...
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sabotaging the soil

Big Agriculture’s Addiction to Nitrogen Fertilizer Is Destroying Your Health

From 509 to 27 BCE, ancient Rome was the epicenter of Europe. The period of Roman rule was ...
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abundance dilemma

How Can We Suffer Micronutrient Deficiencies When There’s So Much Food?

It's called the well-fed, but undernourished epidemic1. That an average, overweight American sits down to 3,600 calories2 of ...
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vegetable oil villains

The Hidden History of Why Vegetable Oil Is in Your Kitchen Will Shock You

European monarchy arranged marriages for purposes of wealth and power, but two un-arranged marriages in the U.S. in ...
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corporate food causalities

It’s Not Your Fault: Corporate Food Is Slowly Stealing Your Health

Most adults know that a healthy lifestyle is important. Many articles, talk shows and fictional narratives have provided ...
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hormonal truth

What Does It Mean to Have a Hormonal Imbalance?

Whether you know it or not, you’re exposed to chemicals every day that can damage your endocrine system. ...
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