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How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain When All Else Fails

Believe it or not, the most effective remedy is a common cooking spice. One study found it worked for every single person who tried it - and none ...
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Top 8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods of 2018

When we look at the most common health issues that plague our society in 2018, it’s pretty easy to start to notice a very distinct pattern… Can you ...
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Bone Broth Recipe: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Bone Broth

It’s a waste to toss out the bones after sucking the meat clean. Instead of throwing them out or giving them to your dog, why not save them ...
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The Benefits Of Yogurt

What are the health benefits of yogurt? Many people indulge on yogurt because it’s one of the few healthy foods that actually taste good.  The gooey, pudding-like substance has ...
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Bone Broth Benefits: Is This Nature’s Hidden Superfood?

At UMZU, we are firm believers that mother nature provides everything the human body needs for healthy sustainability. As such, there is no need for synthetic substances made ...
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The Implications of B12 Deficiency: Don’t Overlook This Essential Vitamin

Chances are that you are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. This means you’re likely eating an imbalanced diet. By eschewing fruits, veggies, and certain meats, ...
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7 Vitamin B12 Benefits: How This Nutrient Promotes Vigor and Vitality

In a previous post, we discussed some startling statistics regarding vitamin B12 deficiency. It affects more individuals worldwide than one would expect. People from western countries aren’t immune ...
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Vitamin B6 Benefits: The Health Wonders of This Potent Vitamin

You’ll be surprised how much your life will improve from a health standpoint just by correcting a single vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B6 is one nutrient that has such ...
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Amino Acids In Bone Broth: An In-Depth Look

We are huge fans of bone broth. It’s great for your gut health, but more importantly, it has a rich amino acid profile that does your body good. ...
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Cayenne Pepper: Little-Known Health Benefits of This Chili

Do you douse your food with Tabasco or Sriracha Hot Sauce? Do you eat jalapeños with the seeds intact? Spicy food lovers have reason to rejoice. They can ...
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Researchers Find That Taking This Daily Leads To Predictable Weight Loss

Hi my name is Christopher Walker and I’m the founder of the all-natural health company UMZU and Duke Neuroscience alumni. I have really cool study to share with ...
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Top 8 Herbs For Blood Glucose Control

Studies reveal most effective remedy may be household herbs and spices you can include in your cooking Diabetes is the consequence of years of consistently high blood sugar. ...
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