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Collagen Protein: A Good Alternative To Whey Protein

A lot of men and women ask me if collagen protein is a good alternative to using their traditional whey protein powders. This is an especially important question ...
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What Is Collagen? 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Collagen Protein

If you’re still relatively young, then we assume you still have a full set of hair, supple skin and full range of body motion. You have collagen to ...
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How To Use Collagen For Radiant Skin and Thicker Hair

Even though the body appears solid, it’s actually 70 percent water. After that, it’s mostly made up of protein in the form of collagen. It’s collagen that keeps ...
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The Top 4 Probiotics Strains For Women

Most people are familiar with probiotics and have a general gist of why they need more of the good bacteria in their diet. However, not all probiotic strains ...
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Top 3 Colon Cleansing Supplements

What exactly does it mean to cleanse your body? Is it just some fad or a gimmick for supplement makers to release more products? Perhaps you tried a ...
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Bovine Collagen: Increase Muscle, Bone, and Immune Health with This Collagen Source

Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein found in various meat sources. Bovine collagen in particular does wonders for various areas of human health. Bovine is the formal term for ""cow"". ...
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The Benefits of Collagen: What This Invaluable Protein Can Do for Your Body

The bodybuilding industry endlessly peddles protein supplements. It’s how the industry stays in business. What the so-called gurus don’t tell you, though, is that not all proteins are ...
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Chicken Collagen: Reinforce Joint Strength with This Valuable Protein

If you have been keeping up with our past posts, then you know we are a fan of collagen. While you may hear more about beef bones, you ...
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Fish Collagen: The Most Bioavailable Collagen Source Yet?

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, then you know we’re big fans of collagen. We are huge advocates of whipping up your own broth using those beef ...
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The Different Types of Collagen: Are You Getting the Full Spectrum of This Vital Protein?

Not all collagens are the same; they fall into multiple categories. By different types of collagen, we’re not talking about collagen according to source (e.g. from beef, from ...
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Collagen Side Effects: Are The Any Negative Effects?

Collagen Supplement Fact Check: Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Do collagen supplements work? Is it better to acquire collagen from whole foods instead? Do You Need Collagen Supplements? Should you take collagen in powder or pill form? Collagen supplements, ...
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Studies Reveal: Probiotic Supplements May Help You Lose Weight

Most people are at least semi-familiar with probiotics and their role in digestion. However, fitness literatures are now also touting the use of probiotics for weight loss. Is ...
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How to Choose a Prebiotic Supplement: Identifying the Best Products for Digestive Health Support

You can always acquire prebiotics from whole foods. However, some people just like the convenience factor of a prebiotic supplement. Whenever you go the supplement route, though, you ...
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Probiotics For Better Health and Higher Testosterone Levels

Many people indulge in yogurt because it’s one of the few healthy foods that actually taste good. The gooey, pudding-like substance has long been a favored snack among ...
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What Is Collagen? The 101 on the Most Abundant Protein in the Body

If you’re relatively young, then we assume you still have a full set of hair, supple skin and full range of body motion. You have collagen to thank ...
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