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Why Should You Use Organic Collagen Powder?

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In a perfect world, every food we put in our mouths would be non-GMO, pesticide-free, and void of unnatural additives. Of course, that is anything but the case in reality. This is especially true with meat and dairy. The beef patty in your cheeseburger and chicken strips are as inorganic as it gets. Collagen is also mainly derived from meat, hence why you should aim towards organic collagen powder.

Why Organic?

People gravitate towards organic foods for health reasons. Strangely, the same people don’t give the same consideration when it comes to supplements. Remember, most protein powders, such as whey and casein, come from dairy. If you would choose organic milk or beef over the standard variety, then why not do the same for the supplement you use?

Is organic collagen really any better than regular collagen? We can say with confidence that the source collagen is derived from is certainly superior when it’s organic. How do we know? Typical farm-raised livestock is treated with all sorts of synthetic hormones to accelerate growth and produce as much meat as possible before being slaughtered.

The meat industry is all about making a profit. The injections given to cattle consist largely of estrogen, which leads to water retention in the muscle tissue. They are also injected with saline to cause even further unnatural swelling. Not only is the meat now tainted, but its size is mostly due to water weight. This is why meat tends to shrink once you cook it. Aside from low-quality, you’re not even getting the portions you paid for.

Even worse, the livestock spends their entire lives crammed like sardines in an overcrowded pen. The extremely tight confinement leads to stress, which leads to bodily production of polyamines. Studies have linked this compound to a number of ailments in humans, including colon, lung, and skin cancer.

We can go on further about the health implications of consuming low-quality meat. However, this would be digressing from the main topic. Instead, we recommend watching this eye-opening video that exposes the shady practices behind the meat industry.

There’s also the whole ethics argument regarding the treatment of the livestock that eventually becomes our lunch. Of course, that’s a whole other topic altogether. Even if you’re not on the PETA bandwagon, the health risks definitely cannot be overlooked since it directly affects you, the consumer.

While the meat industry is a mega-conglomerate, you can exercise your right to choose to get your meats and dairy from a healthier source. The same goes for collagen.

Stick to Organic Collagen

As you may already know, collagen comes mainly from bovine, chicken, fish, and eggs. In other words, it’s found mainly in animal sources. Most collagen supplements are derived at least in part from bone collagen. The marrow is where you get this invaluable protein, hence why bone broth is a mainstay cuisine in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, in the west, the bones are treated as scrap for your canine to munch on after you’ve consumed the meat.

Aside from bone collagen in bovine and chicken, you can also find the compound in fish (mainly in the scales) and in the whites and shells of eggs. In any case, if the meat is contaminated due to all those artificial hormone injections and stress, then it’s reasonable to surmise the same conclusion for the bones. Organic collagen is simply a safer bet for the same reason organic meat is safer.

We are advocates of consuming meat from free-roaming, grass-grazing livestock. We are equally in favor of consuming organic collagen powder if you choose to acquire this protein via supplementation.

Aside from collagen quality, non-organic supplements also contain other synthetic fillers. If the ingredient list contains all sorts of hard-to-pronounce substances, then you can bet those excipients are not found in nature. Furthermore, those extras may lead to side effects or interfere with medication. More fillers mean less of the powder is actually collagen or other active ingredients.

Total Collagen Is Totally Organic

As advocates of organic foods, it would be hypocritical of us to produce a supplement laden with GMOs and synthetic preservatives. Total Collagen is pure organic collagen powder and nothing more. The hydrolyzed bone collagen is derived from bovine and chicken. It also includes fish and egg collagen for a rich combination of collagen types 1, 2, and 3.

Give Total Collagen a try. You’ll be putting in your body a highly bioavailable protein in the form nature intended. Your body doesn’t need anything produced in a lab.


Take Total Collagen Protein To Improve Skin, Hair, Joints, and Muscle

It’s time for you to finally get back to a high-performance state of health quickly and naturally by using Total Collagen as a daily supplement.

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker is a co-founder of UMZU and creator of the Thermo Diet. He is the first person to get a Duke Neuroscience degree in 3 years. After naturally solving his own health complications with a brain tumor as a teenager, he has devoted his life to creating all-natural products and education to help men, women, children and pets to improve their own health naturally using science-backed research.
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